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People often say, don’t believe everything you see or read on the web. Simply since you read something on an exclusive-looking site would not necessarily mean that everything stated on it is true. Most people from the general public do not have experience buying or selling homes, other than one or two house sales that they may have taken part with in the past few years.

Despite the rarity of experience, many enjoy randomly claiming that they are aware of all the complicated and technical aspects associated with the world of real estate. Whereas there is a specific system on how it all works, including how you set the price of your home to even how you make the buyer feel, and there is much more to it as well.

Because of people who claim that they know all about the industry and due to the people who believe them, it has become quite important for us with vast market experience and understanding to educate the masses about randomly assuming that real estate is a simple affair. This, is exactly why we will be discussing the Top 5 Real Estate Myths and the importance of why you should not pay much attention to them.

While even information technology has dramatically expanded and altered the way we buy and sell homes, it also has provided us the scope to improve the way we convey information to our beloved audience. So let’s proceed with the essentials mentioned below.

Myth #1: Set The Price with A Little Wiggle Room

Many first-timers often hear and think about setting the price a few thousand dollars above the market price. Leaving them with some “wiggle room” for when the buyer begins to negotiate. However, they fail to consider that they are shaving off several buyers willing to pay the seller’s actual price by setting the price relevantly higher, not even leaving space to pitch out a message to the person selling the house. The reality is that the price your broker sets for your home is set according to the current market value and is often the fairest price for both the seller and buyer.

Myth #2: You Don’t Need a Real Estate Broker

A popular myth that our brokers at Farmer Realty Services hear is that most sellers don’t really need the assistance of a broker; they can take on the task independently. While certainly, they can try on carrying out the task on their own, it doesn’t really make sense since they are several risk and losses involved.

After all, a real estate broker has the experience and has sold more homes in a day than many may have tried to sell in their entire life. Put in Simply words, their experience, and expertise trump any random attained knowledge when it comes to selling homes. After all, it is their profession; indeed, they must be good at their work as well.

Myth #3: Real Estate Prices Always Go Up

Even though we may believe that this myth is just a tiny misconception, since real estate prices mostly rise constantly, for such to happen, there are several factors associated that increase the value of the land. One of the most common factors for such to occur is inflation. The word inflation amongst laymen means that your home’s price increases as the value of the dollar increases. Simultaneously, as the value of dollars goes down, even the value of the land depreciates. This misconception is one of the main reasons many investors often lose money without realizing it until it’s too late.

Myth #4: Home Inspectors Will Deliberately Find Something Wrong with Your Home

Although this myth may be widely spreading due to the experience of a few biased individuals yet, there is more fiction than fact in this belief. Home inspectors hired by the buyer have to be objective in their assessment of the home. And with their license on the line, there are very few chances that they would be dishonest.

The simple fact is; no home can remain perfect even if it is kept in the same way it was bought. Over time plumbing, electrical wiring, and other vital aspects of a house begin to deform and lose their durability. This is why many home inspectors are thorough in allocating several issues in a house, rather than putting in their selfish means in between since if such a mean is justified, it can get them fired or have their license revoked.

Myth #5: Every Real Estate Agent Is the Same

This myth actually has made a few of our agents a bit sour. Even though we understand that not every agent thinks of their client from the heart, it still would not mean that every agent thinks of their client otherwise. Every agent has a unique approach and skill set when it comes to closing a sale. Some rely on their people skills, while others focus on offering the best possible services. At Farmer Realty Service, we offer everything to make your clients’ experience optimum while providing them with the fairest possible prices.


Although some of the myths mentioned above possible can be true because of the negative experiences that few people/ individuals do get tricked into unfair deals. Suppose you are currently exploring the market for a home in San Bernardino, CA. In that case, you should at the very least consider giving Farmer Realty Services a chance to prove that these myths (especially Myth #2) aren’t accurate as supposedly instituted by many.

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