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Farmer Realty Services has been in the real estate industry in the majority of the Inland Empire Area since 2004, Over the years we have amassed a large number of happy clients. We focus our customers’ interests and can find you a property at a reasonable price while also offering thorough information on every listing.

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    Residential Real Estate Consultancy & Sales

    Whether it’s for a single-bedroom apartment in the city or a deluxe housing unit in the suburbs, Farmer Realty Services provides the most convenient services.

    Miscellaneous Real Estate Management Services

    Whether it’s for a single-bedroom apartment in the city or a deluxe housing unit in the suburbs, Farmer Realty Services provides the most convenient services.


    Frequently Asked

    How long does it take to buy a home?

    Homeownership takes around a week from start to finish. Once a house is chosen and an offer is made, the usual time to close earnest on a property is 30 to 45 days (in usual circumstances); but, owing to our extensive knowledge and excellent market contacts, we are able to finish the process significantly faster.

    How much do I have to pay an agent to assist me in purchasing a home?

    The commission of the agent entirely depends on the size and worth of the property, however, there is a percentage that is demanded. To learn more about our process and commissions please get in touch with us.

    How much money do I require for a down payment?

    The average down payment in the United States is 11%. However, this statistic includes both first-time and recurrent purchasers. In some areas and locations down payments can be less than that, likewise in some areas, it can also get higher than the average. To have further information on the process and procedures feel free to contact us.

    How many houses should I look at before making a decision?

    It’s entirely up to you! Home buying is, without a doubt, easier today than it has ever been. Convenience has never been higher. But nothing beats seeing a house in person to get a sense of how it looks and feels. We always have a large selection of properties for you to browse at Farmer Realty. Simply tell us what you’re searching for and we’ll take care of the rest.

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